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I am The #1 You Tuber
It gets pretty annoying when Beverly calls her kids delicious.
Comment from : I am The #1 You Tuber

i really hope they make a season 7
Comment from : mafalda

Alex the Kaiju Fan
This episode was filmed at Redondo Beach, which is literally a short walk from where I live. I freaked out when I saw it on TV.
Comment from : Alex the Kaiju Fan

darrnell anderson
I used to watch this show a while back but I somehow got left behind I wanna catch up but by this point it’s too expensive if I were to pay for all of the episodes would it be worth it?
Comment from : darrnell anderson

Angela Kim
Comment from : Angela Kim

is this the one with Freddy Krueger?
Comment from : IShitOnTheWorld420

is this the final season?
Comment from : SUNdown

I have a crush on Erica........No wait....Mom Goldberg........No wait .......Erica......
Comment from : Troy

JL leichter
yeah but they still have not done E.T.
Comment from : JL leichter

Allison K.
The only airing in current time sitcom I've liked in many years.
Comment from : Allison K.

This shows time line makes no sense in season 2 there's a gameboy which came out 1989 if every season is a year they would be in 1993
Comment from : ABK TV

Fabian Rocha
Finally, a new season of the best TV show ever
Comment from : Fabian Rocha

The SickNeeds
Well I think they ruined it by showing the cake scene in the preview.
Comment from : The SickNeeds

Beverly ruined this show for me.
Comment from : mwillblade

Andres250 Trololo.
Comment from : Andres250 Trololo.

That's A Ian
Season hype
Comment from : That's A Ian

Babble Tube
Finally... The Thompson Twins on The Goldbergs!!!!
Catch Tom Bailey's remaining West Coast shows this summer

Comment from : Babble Tube

Laura Rodifer
Can't wait. This looks to be epic! Also, so looking forward to the spinoff "Schooled'. That looks to be equally as good. God Bless you Adam F. Goldberg for bringing back great comedies to tv.
Comment from : Laura Rodifer

al mor
Great show.
Comment from : al mor

Oh man 😟
Comment from : kingofatlantistv

Jude Choizy
Can't wait
Comment from : Jude Choizy

Jacob Wilkes
“ABC’s “The Goldbergs” pays tribute to the classic film, “Sixteen Candles”. And catch an all-new season. Wednesday, September 26 at 8/7c, on ABC.”
Comment from : Jacob Wilkes

Lorenz B
I wish the show goes to atleast 8 seasons
Comment from : Lorenz B

Tony Rodriguez
Yes, The Goldbergs are back and they're ready for Season 6.
Comment from : Tony Rodriguez

Maria Madalena
i thought adam would be like pepper from ahs forever, but hes getting pretty good lookin
Comment from : Maria Madalena

Jack Grazer
a lot of sean giambrone material... okay, im hyped
Comment from : Jack Grazer

Jay Hollow
I’m missed this show with all the dramas on tv it’s nice to have lighthearted show that’s offers a good couple of laughs
Comment from : Jay Hollow

Brandan Miller
I want to see them do a Uncle Buck tribute episode please do a Uncle Buck tribute episode!
Comment from : Brandan Miller

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