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Atiqa Meer
I really like your show, and always love πŸ’• your tops. Where to get those kind of tops?
Comment from : Atiqa Meer

top gear
Wish i could see you in sexy high heels and a night dress. You'll be gorgeous tasty like your orgasmic food. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€β€β€β€πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Comment from : top gear

top gear
Hi Ree i love the way you cook & the way you look!!❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
Comment from : top gear

top gear
Your your great cook! God bless you.
Comment from : top gear

Oman Princess
Please try and write the recipe
Comment from : Oman Princess

Jali Fritz
All these recipes seem to have so much fat,animal products and sugar in it, I highly doubt that they can be part of a healthy diet.
Comment from : Jali Fritz

fagbemi adetoun
I love the pioneer woman
Comment from : fagbemi adetoun

alpha waves world
Plz like and subscribe my channel and I will do the same youtu.be/5mTL8uTXfb8
Comment from : alpha waves world

Hood Plates
I love watching your show
I’m a big fan of family

Comment from : Hood Plates

Margaret Walker
Why all this "corporation food"? I like to cook from scratch; no packaged goods with colorings, preservatives, bleached sugar and flour in it! I'm not impressed. If you used FRESH RASPBERRIES with all other fresh ingredients, I'd be IMPRESSED. Sad.
Comment from : Margaret Walker

The Bended Spoon
Guys I tried fried Oreos today and man they were good!
Comment from : The Bended Spoon

Alemtsehay and Grace
You are supper garil in the world i love you and your family so much bless you
Comment from : Alemtsehay and Grace

Delores Wendorff
I love The Pioneer Womans show
Comment from : Delores Wendorff

Betsy Stevenson
Awesome addition to my recipe collection!πŸ˜‹
Comment from : Betsy Stevenson

Boitshwarelo Graffius
I love her recipes, she inspired me to have my cooking channel ❀
Comment from : Boitshwarelo Graffius

Nana Tucker
I love how this woman likes to pretend to be a good cook, and the name Pioneer woman is an insult to those of us who actually grew up on the land, who's parents, grandparents, great grandparents grew up on the land....she's a city born, vegetarian, who set out to catch a handsome guy she saw out at a bar one night, hell he's not even allowed to see her without makeup, some pioneer there, right... what a phony.....all her recipes are from her husband's family, she couldn't cook much...so I wouldn't use anything she makes ever, my grandmother was the best cook and taught me well and was a true Pioneer woman...actually milked cows by hand, twice a day, for 50 years, try that......
Comment from : Nana Tucker

Daphne Rodriguez
Comment from : Daphne Rodriguez

Mac O’Kearney
Food Network sells commercial time and runs ads for McDonald’s. #Disqualified
Comment from : Mac O’Kearney

Steve Otting
That raspberry pie is amazing.
Comment from : Steve Otting

Karen Kemp
cake mix, pudding mix, frozen dinner rolls? Yep, those are impressive recipes!
Comment from : Karen Kemp

jules tshiyoyo
I don't have dstv anymore but I'm glad I can watch it on YouTube
Comment from : jules tshiyoyo

why all the music in the background? recipe sounds luscious but can the music
Comment from : kls01013

Manuvech C.
Love her show from thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­β€
Comment from : Manuvech C.

Susan Bland
I've done the chicken and spaghetti with cheese, Pioneer woman omg it's gorgeous, but I also added a tin of mushroom soup as well as chicken
Comment from : Susan Bland

Roberta Scaglione
Comment from : Roberta Scaglione

Shana h
I'm definitely making the chicken pasta dish, oh the ice cream cake too!!
Comment from : Shana h

Jenn Illsley
I love her personality, I can see how she appeals to the masses, however, her cooking is so basic. You literally don’t even need a recipe for half of her dishes. If someone needs to tell you how to throw pasta with jarred sauce, chicken, and mozzarella you have some seriously poor cooking skills. Some of her recipes are just fine, but I just don’t get her cult like following.
Comment from : Jenn Illsley

Raymond McClure
No tornado yet.....Annoying, enough disappear....Please....
Comment from : Raymond McClure

She’s so pretty
Comment from : Art

Nur Kitchen &Traveler
Very very nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ””πŸ€
Comment from : Nur Kitchen &Traveler

I’ve never seen anyone smile while talking. I’ve never seen her without a smile.
Comment from : CoCoMe

jessica cline
Some of her recipes are ok but I feel she is overrated. Her show is the glorified version of Sandra Lee's semi homemade show tbh.
Comment from : jessica cline

Monique Renee Manners
First time watching the show from my hotel room , while attend a graduation in Charleston, SC. As a city girl, who is a senior citizen w/ southern roots --- Pioneer Woman has created great recipes for the palates of ranch hands. I was hoping to see some elevated pioneer meals for the masses. What is new ? What is your budget for cooking for larger groups, Cottage cheese in lasagna is a definite health or budgetary decision.
Comment from : Monique Renee Manners

Maria Casella
Was that a boxed cake or by scratch ?
Comment from : Maria Casella

Paola L
Love this women's recipes!
Comment from : Paola L

Nine Ball
This is lovely
Comment from : Nine Ball

Pat Brown
Hey Re I miss ur channel as I have no cable ..I'm glad to catch up on YouTube ..love all ur vlogs
Comment from : Pat Brown

Bea M
Most beautiful woman inside and out! I could eat everything she just made. πŸ˜‹
Comment from : Bea M

Rebecca Morgan
Ree Drummond just πŸ’—Her How easy all recipes made look delicious
Comment from : Rebecca Morgan

That sprinkles cake, does she syrup it or anything to keep it moist? Does anyone know?
Comment from : jmc19669

Elenore Witten
This is nothing more than unhealthy white trash food. Cool whip? Really?? Shameful examples of the American palate!!!
Comment from : Elenore Witten

Kathy Alford
Comment from : Kathy Alford

Amity Tube
amazing recipe
Comment from : Amity Tube

Owl Media Group
Love your cooking shows! I have a brand new show "Out Here Living," with host Billy Dee on YouTube!! Its a mix of food/travel/lifestyle with a hip hop twist!! check it out!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh-HZIipznY&t=19s
Comment from : Owl Media Group

I Love This Woman β™₯️ So Loving, So Warm, So Genius!!! β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
Comment from : GOT KiDZ

Kenariah Veal
This is my show
Comment from : Kenariah Veal

Michael Light
I love Pioneer Women, she has great recipes and style. 🌷❀
Comment from : Michael Light

lana lake
Is this the same, "Pioneer Woman" whom I googled to get a "Stuffed Mushroom" recipe? Is this the same woman who amusingly announced she'd achieved how to balance a spoon in the process? It made me laugh and now I'm hooked so if that was you I am happy to sub. Great mushroom recipe, thanks so much!
Comment from : lana lake

Suzanna Koizumi
The sweets need to be revised. Not healthy. One shouldn't have sugar in your diet
Comment from : Suzanna Koizumi

Talia Kay
How did she become famous? I know people who can cook way better than her. I think it's all image and marketing.
Comment from : Talia Kay

Carmine DeMilio
Nice job!
Comment from : Carmine DeMilio

PressPause 2Play
I didn't see anything that amazing at all. But Ima Creole Chef so she possibly couldn't cook much for my taste pallet. She doesn't even use good seasonings. Just salt and pepper
Comment from : PressPause 2Play

Deb Spehar
She is amazing. She cooks real food
Comment from : Deb Spehar

Guru Sandirasegaram
I use pioneer Recipe
Comment from : Guru Sandirasegaram

Gigi Weakley
I love her recipes 🀩
Comment from : Gigi Weakley

Sarah Strong
No doubt these recipes will taste nice but with a little thought & tweaking they could be made healthier & possibly even tastier in some cases at least. Win Win.
Comment from : Sarah Strong

Sarah Strong
Wholemeal flour makes a really good, more tasty, nutritious & filling pizza crust. You need a litle extra water when you use wholemeal.
Comment from : Sarah Strong

Sarah Strong
Why add sugar to Raspberries which are already sweet? You have plenty of sugar in the crust. Enjoy the contrast in the flavours, instead of masking it with sugar.
When you use peanut butter adding a few chopped Walnuts will add omega 3 oils, which will help balance the omega 6 oils in the peanut butter thus reducing your risk of cancer & adding flavour & texture (if you dont want added texture they grind easily).

Comment from : Sarah Strong

Cooking with Sonny
Great video!!πŸ˜†
Comment from : Cooking with Sonny

One MercilessMing
One could hope that her recipes would taste better than her (lack of) taste in her Wal-Mart cooking crap accessories. (Don't buy the recipe book holder. The "holders" broke off when the first cookbook was placed on the over-rated junk she shills.) Alas, they DON'T. Don't waste your pocket money or your food budget on this twit.
Comment from : One MercilessMing

To Be Honest
Ree is such a hot mess!

I love her show and "recipes" ...she makes me laugh so hard
This program should be on Comedy Central, not Food Network

Comment from : To Be Honest

MilnJohn Memoirs
My Wife and I have been watching Pioneer woman since the beginning. We got totally inspired recently to do the same. Love every tasty and delicious recipe. Her simplicity puts her way above some other "glamour" TV Cooking personalities!
Comment from : MilnJohn Memoirs

Jen Joseph
Ooooh, my very very favorite cooking PERSON IN the whole WIDE WORLD I so missed this show AND HER.. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN OMG OMG YIPPEE. ......!!!!!
Comment from : Jen Joseph

Terri Powers
This woman has not shared one single recipe that is her own. For years she has stolen other bloggers recipes and never given attribution to any other food blogger.
Comment from : Terri Powers

Jumbo sausage Troll
Eww Americans are so gross πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Comment from : Jumbo sausage Troll

Raven Claw
No wonder American people are so fat. Look at the junk she is making.
Comment from : Raven Claw

Rhae Hodges
Omit #8 and we can talk lady!
Comment from : Rhae Hodges

Leanne Evans
great video but that background music is annoying and too loud.
Comment from : Leanne Evans

M Lo
Thank you so much food network I learned a lot from all of you
Comment from : M Lo

Kitty Louiselle
Yummy but I’m not sure about the raspberry seeds?
Comment from : Kitty Louiselle

danielek ostrowski
Greetings from Poland.
Comment from : danielek ostrowski

Six Hand Spice Family
One of the best video recommendations I've gotten!
Comment from : Six Hand Spice Family

Butter Bean
Her food is literally a joke, so unhealthy, not even cooked from fresh! No wonder Americans are so unhealthy
Comment from : Butter Bean

Ree has wonderful recipes presented in a simple, easy to follow way. I love watching her and learning new techniques and ideas in a down to earth wat.
Comment from : BethyKable

Girl you should smile more
Comment from : rudeboymon

Tom Sparks
I love and have made the Asian noodle salad, but the rest of these examples are very unhealthy and remind me of a Girl Scout event or bake sale. She is pleasant to watch, but most of her cooking invokes heart disease and diabetes.
Comment from : Tom Sparks

Makeela Conley
She sure can cook
Comment from : Makeela Conley

Lane Shaeffer
So much butter
Comment from : Lane Shaeffer

Her baked ziti should have been #1 or atleast on the list because it's awesome
Comment from : keyia

Love how she cooks
Comment from : Jackie

Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy
I Want To Have Sex With Ree Drummond As My Dessert Every Night And Day.
Comment from : Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy

Comment from : Lu DH

Randy Hudgins
Man she butt ugly.
Comment from : Randy Hudgins

Thanks @foodnetwork for adding the individual links to the recipes !
Comment from : sr200179

nieves palomino
Comment from : nieves palomino

Katia Qhuell
Comment from : Katia Qhuell

Legs of Octopus β€’ Food & Lifestyle
I love cooking videos so much πŸ˜‚
Comment from : Legs of Octopus β€’ Food & Lifestyle

To Be Honest
Ree is my favorite tv lesbian after Ellen

I LOVE HER ❀️ ❀️ ❀️

Comment from : To Be Honest

Elvie Elizondo
I Love The Pioneer Woman ❀️ Blessings πŸ™
Comment from : Elvie Elizondo

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